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Roses Nautic was born from a shared dream. A liberated dream of building on the foundations of a shared passion that united the initiators of Roses Nautic, the nautical.

The founder Jose Luís Martín, due to his early incorporation into the nautical world, had extensive experience in the sector, which is why he was able to quickly start and promote, in 1994, his small family business, called Boats Mediterrani. Nothing would have been possible without the help of Ester Sanés, partner of Boats Mediterrani and wife of Jose Luís. Thus, Boats Mediterrani began its journey as a company dedicated to the rental, repair and sale of boats and jet skis.

The beginnings were not easy and, finding a niche in the nautical sector in the Alt Empordà area, turned out to be a laborious task. Establishing ourselves in the market, finding clients, spending a considerable initial investment, but thanks to our professionalism and dedication to our clients, today we are a reference in nautical activities in Gerona.

It all started with the opening of a small store located in the Port of Roses. This premises were distributed in 4 sectors to carry out its functions in an organized way: a space enabled as a workshop, a concessionaire, a space to carry out wintering and a small extension to carry out the provision of the boat rental service and jet skis. Although in its beginnings, the fleet of Boats Mediterrani was very small, with the passage of time, it was increasing in quantity and quality.

Realizing its rapid growth, they found it convenient to divide the work areas into different establishments to carry out each of the tasks with greater comfort, tranquility and professionalism. Thus, they were acquiring work spaces, where they transferred all the repair and wintering functions. These warehouses were equipped with the best machines and work tools, which have been replaced and have been improved over the years, to increasingly provide products and services adapted to the needs of our customers. These ships were finally suitable to work boats of up to 12 meters.

Next, they settled in a small place located in Santa Margarita, a small urbanization belonging to the municipality of Roses. Given its location and its suitability, they decided to condition the premises to develop the rental service for boats and jet skis there.

Finally, and in order to extend the business and work area and, given a growing volume of work, they were forced to acquire large plots where they could work with the larger vessels. Thus, they adapted these new ships to carry out repairs and wintering of boats up to 20 meters.

Given the exponential growth that Boats Mediterrani has experienced over the last few years and, due to all the unforeseen events and challenges it has faced recently, it has seen fit to separate the two main functions of the company. Consequently, the boat rental activity continues to operate under the name Boats Mediterrani and the sale, repair and wintering activity is governed by a new institution called Roses Náutic.

Thus, the new firm, Roses Náutic, is responsible for the purchase, sale, repair and wintering of boats. It has a team of more than 20 professionals in the nautical sector, all of them willing to advise and assist all your needs.

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