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De Antonio Yachts

De Antonio Yachts is one of the most prestigious brands in our country.

Thanks to being in a strategic location, De Antonio Yachts has maximized its possibilities of entering the nautical market since Barcelona is a reference city in cosmopolitan and coastal design at an international level, with excellent communications and a long industrial tradition.


In the De Antonio Yachts D28 range we find the brand’s smallest dayboats. Available in 4 different models, these boats have an exterior design with black finishes that provides elegance and sportiness.


In the D34 range of De Antonio Yachts we find boats designed to experience the sea and the breeze with friends and family on board. With more than 10’5 m in length, these boats have 4 different models designed for all sailors.


In the D36 range of De Antonio Yachts we find a boat with a completely new design to offer all sailors an even more complete and versatile 11.5 m long boat that brings together the best of the Open and Cruiser versions.


In the D42 range of De Antonio Yachts we find a boat with a spectacular Walk Arround design that offers the best of navigation with an incomparable stern platform and the option to adjust its height and adjust it to sea level.


In the De Antonio Yachts D46 range we find two boat models that combine high performance and sportiness with a unique style. Their designs offer large outdoor spaces and different interior layouts.


In the De Antonio Yachts D50 range we find the two largest boat models of the De Antonio Yachts brand. Equipped with 2, 3 or 4 hidden outboard motors, they provide unrivaled sporty and efficient sailing.

Founded in 2012 and based in the center of Barcelona, ​​De Antonio Yachts has grown at a giant pace thanks to the most advanced technology used in the design, engineering and construction of ships, and to its international team of specialists in each area. .

That is why the latest solutions, highly demanded features and the most modern design have made a notable impact in the yacht industry and have positioned De Antonio Yachts as one of the leaders in the day boat market.

Currently the company has more than 10 boat models, ranging from the smallest 8 m models such as the D28, to the largest 15 m long models such as the D50.

If you want to buy a boat from the De Antonio Yachts model line, doing it from Roses Nautic is your best option.


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