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Beneteau Sailing Boats

The Beneteau sailboats are designed to please any type of navigation: recreational, promenade, sports sailing, regatta …

With 6 ranges and more than 18 sailing boats, Beneteau remains recognizable with its modern and smooth lines, its innovative conception and its comprehensive features adapted to all sailors.


In Beneteau’s Oceanis range we find sailing bestsellers. The spacious models combine stable fairings, released deck plans, and customizable equipment and interiors. We found 6 models between 9 and 16 meters in length.

Oceanis Yacht

In Beneteau’s Oceanis Yacht range we find two luxury sailboats of more than 17 meters in length with very good performance and fully equipped. They are famous for their interior design with bright and spacious spaces.


In Beneteau’s First range we find four iconic sailboat models ranging from 4 to 11 meters in length that stand out for their robustness and maneuverability. They are perfectly adapted for fans of sports sailing.

First Yacht

In Beneteau’s First Yacht range we find luxury sailboats designed by prestigious architects and designers. With more than 17 meters in length, they are perfect boats to experience the sea and get closer to the horizon.

First SE

In Beneteau’s First SE range we find high-performance sailboats designed and created for sport sailing. Between 4 and 8 meters in length and the effectiveness of their equipment, they are perfect boats for regattas and nautical competitions.

Figaro Beneteau 3

The Figaro Beneteau 3 is the first one-design monocoque with foils from the Beneteau brand. It has a more efficient and ballast-free hull, a deeper and thinner keel, a set back mast and a larger sail plane.

In the different ranges of Beneteau sailing boats, we find sailboats adapted for any type of navigation, whether recreational or competitive. All the boats are between 4 and 20 meters in length and have the latest navigation technology.

Beneteau sailing boat ranges

We found a total of 6 ranges of Beneteau sailing boats with more than 18 different models of sailboats for any type of sailor.


The Beneteau Oceanis range is made up of 6 sailboats between 9 and 16 meters in length that combine technology, design and personality. This range has the best-selling sailboats of the Beneteu brand as they have an attractive and customizable design.

Oceanis Yacht:

In the Oceanis Yacht range we find the largest luxury yachts or sailboats of the Beneteau sailing boats. With boats of more than 17 meters, these large sailboats have good performance and 100% habitable spaces.


In Beneteau’s First range you can find boats between 4 and 11 meters in length. Robust, manageable and with innovative technology, these boats are perfect for anyone who wants to start or who likes sports sailing.

First Yacht:

With more than 17 meters in length, the sailboats of the Beneteau First Yacht range are designed for the most explorers and adventurers. These boats have real living spaces to make long trips or spend several days sailing at sea.

First SE:

This range of Beneteau sailing boats is designed to bring together a community of owners with the same values ​​who wish to improve their nautical competitions. The First SE are high performance sailboats created for racing.

Figaro Beneteau 3:

The Figaro Beneteau 3 sailboat offers a unique sailing experience thanks to its latest technology and innovation. It is the result of the collaboration between the best experts from the Beneteau group and the Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost (VPLP) architectural firm.


If you are interested in buying a Beneteau sailing boat, Roses Nautic is your best option.


All boats are meticulously checked and repaired by our mechanical workshop in order to provide our users with the best value for money.


All boats and jet skis have a one-year warranty that covers hidden detriments that may occur prior to sale.


We know that in the nautical world, experience and training are the key aspects to achieve success and that is why Roses Nautic is the benchmark nautical on the Costa Brava.

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